Policies & procedures

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I - New Member Referral Bonus Program

  • $25 Entry/Optional game credit for each new first-time member referred
  • Points awarded for Member of the Year end of season cash award

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II - Registration & Payment Policy

Payment must be made in full prior to the start of each event. In order to receive any early entry discounts or other special event promotions payment must be received prior to the early entry deadline.

Legacy Golf Tour currently accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Checks
    Valid Drivers License and a major credit card must accompany all personal and business checks.
    A $50.00 fee will be assessed against players who submit checks that are not honored and check-writing privileges may be revoked.
    Players submitting check or credit card information that is not honored may also forfeit any winnings associated with the event entered.
    Checks from non-member guests and players competing as a “New Player” WILL NOT be accepted on the day of an event!
    All other checks must be pre-approved prior to event day.
  • Cash or Money Order
  • Credit Card (Pending) - Visa / Master Card / Discover / Amex

Players disqualified from any event for any reason will forfeit ALL monies paid including optional games.

Players withdrawing from the 2nd or subsequent round of a multi-round event will only have optional game monies refunded providing they have not executed the first stroke of the round.

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III - Player Divisions

Men's Open Pro Division

  • Utilizes gross score without a handicap
  • Open to all players with no restrictions:
  • Will generally compete from the back tee box.
  • Pro Division players also participating in Net Division competitions will have their handicap calculated from their respective tee & adjusted based on the course rating of their tee

Men's Net (Handicap) Division

  • Competition for players with handicaps with finishing position determined by using net score after applying handicap to players raw score.
  • Events are generally separated into 2 flights. See flighting information in Sec. IV.
  • Open to all male players.
  • Senior Net Division for players age 45+. Players will compete from designated "Standard" tee.
  • Super Senior players (age 60+) may compete from one tee box forward of "Standard" tee.
  • Women Division will compete from either the Super Senior Tee or course designated women tee box.

Senior Professional Division

  • Utilizes gross score without a handicap
  • Open to all players age 48 and up with the following restrictions:
    Players awarded prize winnings from any Legacy Golf Tour recognized professional or developmental mini-tour between Jan 1, 2017 to date are ineligible to compete in any Senior Pro Division competition. Exemptions to this policy may be granted on a case by case basis. Contact corporate for the current listing.
  • Super Senior Pro Division for players age 65+
  • Will compete from the designated "Standard" tee box (typically one forward from the tips) or that being utilized by the Net Division field in combined division events.
  • Senior Pro Division players also participating in Net Division competitions will have their handicap calculated from their respective tee & adjusted based on the course rating of their tee.

Women's Division

  • Professional & Net Division women events
  • Net Division women compete with 100% of their handicap.
  • Open to all players, professional or amateur.
    (Some restrictions may apply to professional division event eligibility)
  • Will compete from the same tee box as male Super Senior players in combined division events
    NOTE: College or Women holding professional tour status will compete from the assigned Net Division Standard tee


  • May compete in any division for up to $750 in "prize valued script" such as an Amazon or other vendor gift card
  • Amateurs may compete in the daily optional games for cash if they so choose

NOTE: Amateurs are not included in the player count of any non-amateur division event for payout purposes.

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IV - Event Flighting, Eligibility & Formats


  • Net-Division events with 24 or more registered players MAY be fsepareated into two flights based on the following hcp ranges:
    "Champions" (A) Flight - Handicaps of 9 and below.
    "Masters" (B) Flight - Double digit handicaps from 10 handicap and up. Max hcp of 18.
  • Masters Flight players may move up to the Champions Flight. Any player choosing this option will have their handicap capped at 9
  • Must have a minimum of 4 players to comprise a flight.
    If less than 4 players comprise a flight, all players will be combined in a single flighted field.
  • Masters Flight players may pay an additional fee and include posting of their score in the Champions Flight field. Players electing this option will have their handicap capped at 9 for Champions Flight scoring.

Event Eligibility

  • Single Round Events
    Open to all players; male or female, amateur or professional.
    Non-members must pay an additional non-member fee.
  • Multi-round events
    Some events may be designated as "Members Only"
  • Net (Handicap) Division Events
    Players must be a member in good standing to be eligible to be awarded first place prize money
    Non-members must pay an additional non-member fee.

Eligibility criteria may vary from event to event and can be found on the appropriate "Event Details" page in the eligibility information section.

Event Formats

Events will be scheduled for a minimum of 18 holes with the exception of inclement weather. Events are governed by both USGA and existing local rules. Other formats may be utilized from time to time at the discretion of Legacy Golf Tour. Typical formats and optional games include but are not limited to the following:

  • Individual stroke play either net or gross.
  • Net (Handicap) Division fields of twenty-four or more players MAY be separated into equal flights based on the average handicap of the field.
  • Senior Net game/division for players age 45+.
  • Scratch Pot - All players eligible.
  • Senior Pro game/division for players age 48+
  • Super Senior Pro Division for players age 65+
  • Gross Skin Pot - Low score on any given hole. (No carryovers)
  • Net Skin Pot - Low net score on any given hole. Players will be allowed 100% of their handicap in Net Skin games up to a maximum of 18 strokes. (No carryovers)
  • Net Nassau Pot - Low net score for each nine holes.
  • Net Day Game Pot - A net score optional game with payout based on order of finish.
  • Closest-to-Pin Cash Pot - Pot split equally among designated par 3's.
  • Deuces Pot - Any 2 on any hole wins cash.

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V - Tee Setup and Yardages

The following yardages are general guidelines for single round events. Multiple round events will utilize an additional 300-500 additional yards. Actual yardages may vary depending on specific golf course design.

Net (Handicap) & Senior Pro Divisions: Standard tee - Generally the number two tee box

  • Yardage target
    6500-6700 Single Day Events
    6600-6900 Multi-Round Events & Majors

Super Seniors: One tee spot forward from standard tee box

  • Yardage target
    6100-6300 Single Day Events
    6300-6700 Multi-Round Events & Majors

Women: Normal women tee box
(Exception: Current and former collegiate players will compete from the Super Senior tee box.)

  • Yardage target
    5200-5800 Single Day Events
    5800-6300 Multi-Round Events & Majors

Pro Division: Generally played from the number one tee box

  • Yardage target
    6800-7100 yards for all events - Events w/12 or more players
    Standard tee box in events with less than 12 players

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VI - Tournament Check-In

All players must check-in at the tournament site. Check-in will be set up in the clubhouse or registration area prior to each event. Check-in will start one hour before the 1st scheduled tee time. It is the players’ responsibility to be at the teeing ground at their designated time. Players reporting to the teeing ground up to five minutes past the designated start time will be assessed a penalty of 2 strokes. After five minutes players will be disqualified.

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VII - Membership Dues & Benefits

Legacy Golf Tour membership is a privilege granted by and subject to approval of tour officials. Legacy Golf Tour reserves the right to modify membership benefits at its discretion. Legacy Golf Tour may withhold up to 50% of the place money award from any non-member as partial payment of membership dues. As of the date of this publication membership dues and benefits are as follows:

  • Legacy Golf Tour Men's Net & Women Divisions Annual Membership - $95.00 (Effective Jan. 1, 2020)
  • Legacy Golf Tour Men's & Senior Professional Division Annual Membership - $95.00 (Effective Jan. 1, 2020)
  • Renewable after twelve consecutive months
  • Must be a member to be eligible for all first place prize money and bonuses
  • Referral Bonus Awards
    - $25 Entry credit for each new first-time member referred
    - Points awarded for Member of the Year end of season cash award
  • Net Division (Net Score) and Professional Division (Gross Score) Events
  • Senior Pro (Legacy Golf Tour Sr. Tour) events for players age 45+
  • Women's Pro & Net Divisions
  • Amateur competitors welcome
  • Senior Net Division (age 45+) & Super Senior (age 60+) categories
  • Special entry fee exemptions
  • Fast payout and results announcements
  • Professionally managed tournament events paying up to 33% of field
  • Annual National Championships
  • Special year-end statistical cash awards
  • Legacy Golf Tourour customized & USGA handicap maintenance service
  • Tour & player publicity
  • Planned group trips

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VIII - Prize Money Distribution

The Legacy Golf Tour is an "Event Day Pay" tour. Every effort is made to distribute prize money on the day of the event. Payments are made on the day of the event by either cash, cash transfers through mobile cash apps such as Zelle, or Cashpay, or by tour check.

However, Legacy Golf Tour may take up to seven (7) business days for the issuance of prize checks.

If paying by business or personal check, awards may be held for up to fifteen working days to ensure payment of entry is honored by your financial institution. If paying by credit card less than seven (7) days prior to the start of an event, tournament winnings may not be released until your credit card company has funded Legacy Golf Tour.

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IX- Handicapping Policy

I - Handicap Allowance

Player handicaps, as established on the Legacy Golf Tour, will be utilized in all Net (Handicap) Division events. Players are afforded 100% of their respective handicap up to a maximum of 18 strokes. Outside scores ARE NOT included in handicap calculations after the fourth tournament score has been posted to the player's score history

II - Single Round Event Handicaps

Handicaps for single round events will be determined by an Legacy Golf Tourour customized formula which utilizes up to the five lowest of the most recent ten scores posted from ALL events.

III - Multi Round Event Handicaps

Handicaps for multi-round events, with the exception of the respective district's first multi-round event of the year, MAY be determined by using scores posted in multi-round events ONLY!

Handicaps of players with less than four multi-round event scores will be determined by the scores currently in their history. However, these players will be considered "New Players" in multi-round events until a multi-round event handicap can be established.

IV - Re-establishing a Handicap

Any player may elect to re-establish their handicap and begin as a "New Player" providing no scores have been posted since Jan. 1 of the previous season.

Legacy Golf Tour reserves the right to allow any player to re-establish their handicap if, in it's view, extenuating circumstances exist which would in all fairness justify a player's request to exercise this option such as illness or other reasons.

V - New Player Handicaps

1 - New players, and any member or non-member guest yet to post four tournament scores between the first event of the prior season and the current date, shall be classified as a “New Player”. Non-member guests are considered a “New Player” without regard to the number of tournament scores posted in their history.

2 – New Players must submit a USGA Index score history, association score history or a minimum of four (4) eighteen hole scores established within the previous 90 days prior to competing in their first Legacy Golf Tour event.

3 - Each score submitted should be attested by a verifiable source such as the Club Professional / Asst. Professional at the facility the score was acquired or by a current Legacy Golf Tour member in good standing. Telephone numbers of attesting individuals must be provided to Legacy Golf Tour management for audit verification purposes.

4 - Score histories established in Legacy Golf Tour recognized organizations are accepted. However, scores established in these organizations in excess of six months prior to the Legacy Golf Tour event being entered WILL NOT be included in the New Player’s handicap calculation.

5– Submitted scores must be received by Legacy Golf Tour management no later than 6:00 PM three days before the event being entered. For example, a new player desiring to compete in a Saturday event must have their score history submitted prior to 6 PM on the preceding Thursday. It is the player's responsibility to verify via telephone their scores have been received by Legacy Golf Tour management and are acceptable. E-mail or voice mail verification requests are not acceptable.

6 – New Players will be assigned a handicap prior to each of their first four events based on the information furnished or in their current score history. The handicap will be designated on the pairing sheet of the day. The handicap is provided by Legacy Golf Tour as a courtesy to New Players for informational purposes only.

7 - In the event a New Player submits a score lower than net two-under-par, the following provisions apply:

(a) Submitted score of net three, four, or five under par:
The posted score will be entered into the player's score history once at the conclusion of the round.
The New Player’s handicap will then be recalculated and applied to the score being posted.

(b) Submitted score net six under par or lower:
Exceptional Tournament Score policy is applied. See Article X-II(A).

8 - Legacy Golf Tour officials reserve the right to disqualify any participant on grounds of misrepresentation or cheating.

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X – Exceptional Tournament Score Adjustment Policy

I - Definitions

A - Exceptional Tournament Score (ETS)

An Exceptional Tournament Score is a score posted of six under par net or lower.

B - New Player

Any member or non-member guest who has yet to post four tournament scores between the first event of the prior season and the current date, shall be classified as a "New Player." Non-member guests are considered a "New Player" without regard to the number of tournament scores posted in their respective history.

II - ETS Adjustment Application

ALL PLAYERS are subject to an ETS handicap adjustment based on the following.

A. 1st Occurrence of an Exceptional Tournament Score within last 10 rounds

The posted ETS will be entered into the player's score history ONCE at the conclusion of the round. The player’s handicap will then be recalculated and applied to the current round. For scores submitted by those in the "New Player" category that are net six-under-par or lower, the ETS will be entered into the player's score history twice at the conclusion of the round. The player’s handicap will then be recalculated and applied to the current round.

B. 2nd Occurrence of an Exceptional Tournament Score within last 10 rounds.

The posted ETS will be entered into the player’s score history TWICE at the conclusion of the round. The players’s handicap will then be recalculated and applied to the current round.

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XI - Tee Times & Pairings

Tee Times will be available the day before the event at the host course or on the tour website. In the case of multi-round events, subsequent round pairings may not be available until 7am on the day of the respective round.

The tour is not responsible for inaccurate information given by pro shop staff. Groups will be randomly paired generally as threesomes or foursomes. In the case of multi-day competitions, prior round scores will determine subsequent pairings with the leaders teeing off last.

It's the player's responsibility to know their tee time and be on the starting tee on time.

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XII - Playoffs and Ties

In the event of ties, all prize monies will be split equally among the winners based upon the total number of players tied; e.g. three players tied will equally split 1st-3rd-place money. Awarding of trophy and overall event champion will be decided via USGA tiebreaker.

Ties in multi-round championships will be decided by sudden-death playoff providing the host facility can accommodate a playoff competition.

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XIII - Suspension of play

A round shall be deemed complete only when the entire field has completed a minimum of thirteen holes. Nine-hole rounds are complete with the field having completed a minimum of seven holes.

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XIV - Event Withdrawals

The player’s commitment to the tour is essential. Players withdrawing from events for other than injury or hardship reasons may be suspended from future events. The rules committee defines hardship as bona fide family ordeals that require the player to abandon the tour to tend to those family needs. The event rules committee will review withdrawals on a case-by-case basis.

Withdrawals based on reasons other than previously mentioned are not excusable. Players withdrawing after the late entry deadline has expired will be assessed a $75 withdrawal fee. No-shows and players withdrawing within 48 hours of the event first tee time will forfeit their entry fee. Withdrawal & no-show fees must be paid before any subsequent entries will be accepted.

Players withdrawing from a multi-round event will have subsequent round optional game monies previously paid refunded ONLY if they have not executed the first stroke of the round.

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XV - Rules of Play and Conduct

USGA rules govern play. If in the instance of a dispute or question, an alternate ball may be played until the question at hand can be resolved by a tour official. The players must remember that their actions reflect on the tour and the host facility as well.

At the discretion of the Rules Committee, the following actions are grounds for disqualification from an event and/or suspension from the tour:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Club throwing and club breaking
  • Excessive profanity
  • Littering and damage to host course equipment and property
  • Abuse of tour hospitality locations
  • Non-adherence to dress code policy
  • Violation of host course and cart regulations
  • Public attacks against Legacy Golf Tour officials, host facilities, players, sponsors, and hospitality locations
  • Other conduct deemed by the Rules Committee to be unbecoming of a golf professional

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XVI – Dress Code

Legacy Golf Tour is a professional organization and desires to continually display that image to the public. Proper attire in accordance with host facility policy must be adhered to at all time. Please be aware of this when selecting your tournament attire.

Legacy Golf Tour players are allowed to wear Bermuda style shorts, if desired, for all practice and tournament rounds. Players may be required to wear long pants for specific events. Jeans or other denim, flip-flops or shirts without collars are not permitted. It is to be further noted that Legacy Golf Tour is designated a spike-less tour. You must wear soft spikes during all practice and tournament rounds.

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XVII - Pace of Play

The Legacy Golf Tour utilizes the 'ready golf' format to expedite the pace of play. If a player may execute a stroke without interference of another players opportunity to play they should do so. Players are also encouraged to exercise the 'continuous putting' practice until holing out whenever possible.

Stipulated time for a round will be set at 4 1/2 hours (2 hours 15 minutes per nine). This allows for an average of 15 minutes per hole. If in the instance of slow play by a group being reported to tournament officials, a monitor may arrive to observe and access the situation and may begin timing of a player’s stroke that he can play without interference or distraction.

In addition, the following Legacy Golf Tour Pace of Play Policy is adopted from the PGA Tour Pace of Play Policy and is in effect in all Legacy Golf Tour events.

USGA Rule 6-7 states, in part that: "The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Committee. The following pace of play guidelines and penalties for stroke play competitions have been adopted."

1 – Stipulated Time for a Tournament Round

(a) Allocated average time per hole - 15 minutes.

(b) Time allocated each nine - 2hr15min.

(c) Allocated time for a stipulated round is 4 hours 30 minutes (4hr30min)

2 – Order of Finish: Groups Must Meet One of the Following Criteria

(a) Groups must finish within the time allocated for a stipulated round – 4hr30min.

(b) Groups must finish within 15 minutes behind the group ahead.

(c) Consideration will be given concerning the 15-minute provision to a foursome following a threesome.

(d) Consideration will be given in the event inclement weather requires groups to operate on a "Cart Path Only" basis.

3 – Turning in of Scorecards

(a) One competitor from the group must report to the scoring committee within the stipulated time when the group is finished with their round.

(b) Cards must be signed by the player's marker and attested by the player.

(c) Cards must be submitted in a timely manner upon completion of the round.

4 – Penalty for Breach

(a) Groups finishing at greater than 4hr45min or more than 15 min. behind the group ahead will be considered “Out of Position” and finishing in excess of one hole behind.
Penalty: One Stroke - Added to final hole score of each player in the group.

(b) Groups finishing at greater than 5hr or more than 30 minutes behind the group ahead will be considered “Out of Position” and finishing in excess of two holes behind.
Penalty: Two Strokes - Added to final hole score of each player in the group.

(c) Groups finishing at greater than 5hr15min or more than 45 minutes behind the group ahead will be considered “Out of Position” and finishing in excess of three holes behind. Penalty for a breach of this magnitude will result in the disqualification of all players within the group. Scores posted will not be counted in the player’s scoring history and entry fees will be forfeited.

All groups finishing within 15 minutes of the group ahead will be considered to have fulfilled tour pace of play policy and will not be penalized.

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XVIII - Schedule, Times, and Inclement Weather

Upon announcement of the tour schedule listing the host facilities and dates, the players will be responsible for arriving at their appointed playing times or face disqualification from that weeks event. In the case of inclement weather, the Tournament Director in conjunction with the Host Professional may cancel the event and refund or credit entry fees to player accounts.

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XIX – Rangefinders and Equipment

Rangefinder use is permitted on the Legacy Golf Tour. No restrictions on range finder capability exists. Only equipment and brands of golf balls on the most current USGA conforming list may be used. The one ball rule is in effect. Legacy Golf Tour is a soft spike tour.

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XX - Caddies, Spectator Guests and Transportation

Caddies and spectators are permitted but players are responsible for any infractions committed by the caddies just as the players. Spectator guests in separate carts must remain on the cart path at all times. Any additional cart rentals needed for spectators and caddies are the responsibility of the player.

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XXI - Publicity and Promotions

Legacy Golf Tour has the right to any personal-historical information herein for all media and public relations use. The player consents to the use of his name, likeness, voice, and references to him and photographs and other images of him and his play connected with his appearance in the tour. The cooperation of players with authorized representatives of the media is required, provided that no pre-tournament activities outside of those activities, which are part of the tour, shall be required and provided that the player’s event play is not unreasonably interfered with.

XXII - Policy Revisions

Legacy Golf Tour reserves the right to revise the current Policies & Provisions or any other aspect of tour operations and benefits at it's sole discretion without notice to the general public, membership or any other entity.

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