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2019 National championship

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I - What is the 2019 Legacy Golf Tour National Championship?

The 2019 Legacy Golf Tour National Championship is an expanding national golf tournament experience where non-amateur golfers of all skill levels compete with their handicap for significant cash awards, and Amateurs, playing for the challenge competitive golf presents, can compete for great merchandise and gift card prizes.

The 2019 National Championship is a 36-hole Net Stroke Play competition, open to tour members and non-members alike, with awards presented to a minimum of 25% of the field (1 out of every 4 entrants). The event includes multiple optional daily money games as well as provisions for seniors, amateurs, and women competitors.

Entry fee into the National Championship final is currently estimated at $750 for Legacy Golf Tour members and $850 for non-members. Players must be a member to be eligible to receive the full winner share of $10,000.

II - What are we playing for?

For non-amateur golfers, the championship provides a $10,000 GUARANTEED minimum first place cash prize to the overall Net Division winner. In addition, 1 out of every 4 entered, will finish in a cash position with the last spot in the money being awarded $1,000. This award structure provides one of the largest cash prizes available on any tour of this type.

For a breakdown of the anticipated payout CLICK HERE

To view current Bank of America Statement of Prize Fund Escrows CLICK HERE

Amateur golfers will play for The 2019 Legacy Cup for merchandise and gift cards and optional day money games.

All golfers will have the option to play in large day money and skin game pots, further enhancing the challenge and experience available in a National Championship event.

III - Event Date and Location

The event is tentatively scheduled for early November, 2019. Negotiations are currently underway with multiple high-end golf courses in the San Antonio and Austin areas of Central Texas. Details will be released as the date and location are finalized.

IV - How do I participate?

The 2019 National Championship is open to all players, including those not currently a member of the Legacy Golf Tour. However, ALL players intending to compete for cash awards must qualify to enter the event. Additionally, players must both be a current season member in good standing having posted a minimum of two tournament scores during the current season to be eligible to receive the first place award.

There are three options available through which players may qualify to enter the 2019 Legacy Golf Tour National Championship.

  •  Option One
    Players may qualify to enter the final through any regularly scheduled Legacy Golf Tour event.
    (Additional details below)
  • Option Two
    Players may qualify during a stand-alone qualifier held on a weekday or during their normal course of play with their regular playing partners. A minimum of 4 participants must be engaged in the attempt at qualifying for an Option Two qualifier to be conducted.
    (Additional details below)
  • Option Three (For Legacy Golf Tour members only
    Current Legacy Golf Tour members may qualify by posting a score of net even part on their fourth or subsequent attempt at qualifying.

V - Option One Qualifying Details

Entrants may compete as a Legacy Golf Tour member or non-member within regular Legacy tour stops. For tour members, a $95 initial 'Qualifier' entry fee must be submitted at the time of event check-in (along with the normal tour event fees). The score posted by the player in the regular tour stop will be applied to both the tour stop event as well as the 'Qualifier.' Any qualifying participant who finishes in the money or a prize awarded position (top 25% of field) qualifies to enter the final. This is typically a minimum of 1 out of every 4 entrants.

All regular tour stops between now and the 36-hole final are designated as 'Qualifier' events. This arrangement allows Legacy Golf Tour members to save the expense of additional green fees and having to compete in another 18-hole 'Qualifier' in order to make it to the final.

Participating non-members may also utilize a weekend tour stop for 'Qualifier' competition only. Players desiring to exercise this option must submit a $125 ‘Qualifier’ fee directly to Legacy Golf Tour prior to qualifying. These individuals are also responsible for payment of their golf related expenses such as green fee and cart fee etc. to Legacy Golf Tour prior to their attempt at qualifying. Scores for all players electing to participate in the qualifying component will be included with those posted by tour stop entrants to determine which players successfully qualified and can advance to the final.

VI - Option Two Qualifying Details

Entrants may compete in a scheduled 'Qualifier' on weekdays by pre-paying the $125 'Qualifier' fee to Legacy Golf Tour or its representative. Weekday 'Qualifiers' will be conducted from time to time providing a minimum of 4 players enter.

In cases when no ‘Qualifier’ is scheduled, players may organize their own so long as a minimum of 4 players participate. The fee schedule is the same as that for a scheduled qualifier. In either case, the associated ‘Qualifier’ fee must be submitted to Legacy Golf Tour via a completed entry form found on the tour website. Golf related expenses under these formats are the responsibility of the player and to be paid directly to the host facility on the day of the 'Qualifier' competition.

Players who are not a Legacy Golf Tour member are subject to Legacy Golf Tour’s ‘New Player' handicap adjustment policies and tournament controls. Scores posted on site at the host facility are unofficial results. Official results will be posted within 72 hours of event completion after handicapping audit and any adjustments, if applicable, are finalized. Entrants will be notified via email or US mail of their final results and standing. Results will also be posted on the Legacy Golf Tour website.

VII - Failure to Qualify

In the event a qualifying entrant fails to qualify, additional attempts may be made at the next scheduled 'Qualifier' competition or tour stop chosen by the entrant. A qualifier ‘Re-Try’ fee of $45 must be submitted prior to any subsequent qualifying attempt. Players may attempt to 'Qualify' as many times as they wish until the final 'Qualifier' is completed, typically during the week prior to the National Championship. As mentioned previously, Legacy Golf Tour members have a third option of qualifying by posting a score of net even par on their fourth or subsequent qualifying attempt.

VIII - Additional Information

To obtain clarification on any questions for additional information contact the Legacy Golf Tour National Operations Center via email at: Include “National Championship Info” in the subject line of your request.

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