2019 National championship

Updated 6/15/19

I - What is the 2019 Legacy Golf Tour National Championship?

The 2019 Legacy Golf Tour National Championship is an expanding national golf tournament experience where non-amateur golfers of all skill levels compete with their handicap for significant cash awards, and Amateurs, playing for the challenge competitive golf presents, can compete for great merchandise and gift card prizes.

The 2019 National Championship is a 36-hole Net Stroke Play competition, open to ALL players, with awards presented to a minimum of 25% of the field (1 out of every 4 entrants). The event includes multiple optional daily money games as well as provisions for seniors, amateurs, and women competitors.

The event will be held during the fall of 2019 in either the North Texas or Atlanta areas. Entry fee for all players is yet to be determined and estimated at $675-$750. Final details on entry fee will be released once a host location is selected.

II - What are we playing for?

For non-amateur golfers, the championship provides a $10,000 GUARANTEED minimum first place cash prize to the overall Net Division winner. In addition, 1 out of every 4 entered, will finish in a cash position. This award provides one of the largest cash prizes available on any tour of this type.

For a breakdown of the anticipated payout CLICK HERE

Amateur golfers will play for The 2019 Legacy Cup for merchandise and gift cards and optional day money games.

All golfers will have the option to play in large day money and skin game pots, further enhancing the challenge and experience available in a National Championship event.

III - Event Date and Location

The event is tentatively scheduled for early November, 2019. Negotiations are currently underway with multiple high-end golf courses in the San Antonio and Austin areas of Central Texas as well as in the Atlanta area. Details will be released as the date and location are finalized.

IV - How do I participate?

The 2019 National Championship is open to all players, including those not currently a member of the Legacy Golf Tour. No qualifying or Legacy Golf Tour membership is required to participate. Players enter online through the "Registration" website link found in the navigation above or registration button on the right.

V - Additional Information

To obtain clarification on any questions for additional information contact the Legacy Golf Tour National Operations Center via email at: info@legacygolftour.com. Include “National Championship Info” in the subject line of your request.

Event information is occasionally updated. Be sure to check back periodically for the latest information.

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